Six good sides

A pick from the quality characteristics of the PROTHEXA-KER® floor tile:

1. High pressure and bending strength
Irrespective of the thickness of the floor tile, the compression strength amounts to 320 N/Mm2 and the bending strength more than 40 N/Mm2.

2. High breaking strength
A certain overthickness of the strong tile offers optimal protection against extreme mechanical loads such as movements during transport. The thicker the tile, the greater the certainty.

3. Good wear-resistance
The load on the tile edges caused by driving traffic is greatly reduced by the blunt corners and short sides of the hexagonal tile.

4. Resistance to lyes and acids
PROTHEXA-KER® tiles offer good chemical resistance. When the joints are filled with chemically hardened mortar this even applies for the whole floor surface.

5. Good negotiability
An industrial floor made of PROTHEXA-KER® tiling has low roll resistance without being smooth, not even after the floor has been cleaned.

6. Low maintenance costs
Because the tiles are resistant to moisture and frost, and maintenance of the floor is particularly uncomplicated, maintenance work and costs are minimal.

Obviously the subfloor, joints and drainage technique also have a big influence on the quality of your PROTHEXA-KER® floor.